Nonstop Reviews

Squeezing every drop of profit from your published books with an unrelenting pursuit of honest reviews

“The Reviews just keep on coming and I never have to think about it.”

What if you didn't have to think about reviews and they came automatically?

Nonstop Reviews does that for you! Following our three-step process, we systematically create a following of like-minded readers who agree to post honest reviews of your published works on Amazon and we follow up with them until their reviews are published.

Prior to Publication

We create the BIGGEST Advanced Reader List (ARL) possible! The world is your oyster... or lime? The larger your ARL, the more possible Verified Reviews you will receive on Amazon. Verified Reviews appear across every market, so you want the biggest Advance Reader List possible! Let's face it, few of us publish as a passion project. We want to make money and create a passive income stream. Your ARL starts you on that right path!

Publication Launch Days

Most Publishers and Independent Authors publish on Amazon and then set their Kindle Price to zero for a set number of key days. This is our time to "squeeze the orange" and get every drop possible from our ARL! Our preparation, our carefully-crafted word tracts, and our relentless follow-up are all designed to convert your ARL to Honest Reviewers and set you up for review success. Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?


Let's Make Some Juice! Let's not just squeeze every drop - Let's drink in the benefits! Gaining reviews on your book is a significant part of the process of setting your book up for long-term success... So why stop? Nonstop Reviews keeps pursuing honest reviews until your book is established as an authority figure in your publishing niche. That means long-term success and long-term profits for you!

Publishers & Independent Authors need Nonstop Reviews

"Book reviews inspire confidence in readers. A book listed on Amazon without a single review probably won’t get very far."

Melanie Ashford,, September 1, 2020

What's Our Secret?

Our secret is... WE DON'T HAVE ONE!

Anyone who has published will tell you that getting honest reviews is hard work... and IT IS! We just do the hard work for you. We don't take shortcuts, create fake reviews or pay people to create reviews.

If you are looking for a quick fix, this isn't it!

Here is what we do:

  1. Use three different methods simultaneously to approach people in your topic/niche and ask them to leave an honest review

  2. Work your leads/review list 7 days per week

  3. Use compelling word tracks to interact with your Reviewers to keep them engaged and make them want to leave an honest review

  4. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

  5. Transparent documentation so that you see everything that is happening & everything that was said

Getting Started... Are You Serious?!?

Nonstop Reviews is for the serious Publisher & Independent Author. We don't work with everyone. Just those who are truly committed to success.

The way to build your book success is TIME, CONSISTENCY, and EFFECTIVE METHODOLOGIES. As an entrepreneur, you cannot build your long-term passive income stream if you don't invest in your book. Believe it or not, writing the book is the EASY part (and I'm not saying it's easy!) THIS is the business of publishing and every successful publisher and author will tell you that getting reviews is a must. You will not make money without them.

If you have written a quality book published on Amazon, are willing to invest in your book(s), are committing to crushing your niche and being untouchable by the competition, then apply to work with Nonstop Reviews. If this isn't you, then Nonstop Reviews isn't for you.

How to start:

  1. Set up a Discovery Call - Click Here

  2. Learn how our 3 step review process works

  3. Share your long-term publishing vision

  4. If your strategy and mindset are right, we will invite you to join our membership of like-minded publishers & authors, dedicated to creating successful publishing businesses with long-term passive income opportunities. Contact us now - Click Here